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od viktorlc
07.3.2016 13:05
Fórum: Ostatní
Téma: TRAM fórum - setkání
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Re: TRAM fórum - setkání

Dear Czech friends and public transport enthusiasts, I am writing to you on behalf of the Bulgarian civil organization Spasi Sofia. Our organization is the largest Bulgarian organization based in Sofia and focused on infrastructure development, improving public transport, effective mobility and bett...
od viktorlc
11.1.2016 22:41
Fórum: Tramvajové vozy
Téma: KT8D5 a KT8D5.RN2P
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Re: KT8D5 a KT8D5.RN2P

Hello friends!

Do you know the price of the purchase of the KT8D5 trams from Miskolc. We are looking for the price for a single tram.

Thank you in advance!
od viktorlc
03.12.2015 20:15
Fórum: Tramvajové vozy
Téma: T6A5 a T6A5.3
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Re: T6A5 a T6A5.3

Hi guys! It is now official that Sofia, Bulgaria will buy 20 T6A5 from Praha. They voted it on the city council meeting. I have a question about the flip-dot displays. Are those displays controlled by BUSE BS100 computer? If not, can you give some more information about those displays, and especiall...